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CLE Reporting

Please complete the fields below to receive CLE credit.  If you submit by NOON on March 6, 2020, your CLE hours will be submitted to the CLE Commission for you.

If you do not submit by Noon on March 6, 2020, YOU must submit your own CLE hours directly to the CLE Commission. (Please note that the CLE commission may charge fees for late reporting of CLE hours.)
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If you attended the full day, you are eligible for a total of 5.0 hours of CLE credits.

If you did not attend the full day, please consult the agenda to determine the appropriate number of CLE credits for you to claim.

By clicking "Submit" at the close of this online survey, I certify that I attended programming at the MCBA Bench & Bar Conference totaling the following number of CLE hours:
If you attended the 9am Ethics presentation, you are eligible 1 hour of ethics credit.

I certify that I attended the programming totaling the following number of hours which qualified for CLE Ethics Credits: